P.W.A formerly known as Literary Group INC is an internet based academy which was initiated by Enwerem Uchechi Prisca, a renowned scholar in the area of literature. Prior to the establishment of this group, a website was created for publishing and promoting distinct and remarkable write-ups. The website which was actualized on September 20, 2017 witnessed great success in its objective in the year 2018 and has a total of 748 people as part of its active community.

Our community involves readers from diverse countries and this served as a drive to establish an international literary group that will serve as a medium for integrating writers into a unified whole.

In the year 2018, the website was customized to suit the agenda and this step lead to requests for a more suitable medium for learning and thus, the formation of the group, PROLIFIC WRITERS ACADEMY. However, the website https://prolificwritersacademy.wordpress.com shall be a general medium for hosting our competitions as well as games. Additionally, scholars whose works have been identified as outstanding shall have their stories or poems published on our website and visible to our online community as well as our subscribers (email).

NOTE: You can as well visit our website to read short stories in your leisure hours.

By and large, the website shall be an imperative medium through which scholars gain a degree of prominence in their literary journey.


P.W.A was founded by Enwerem Prisca Uchechi and fostered with the help of her colleagues (Tutors). P.W.A was formed on the 10th of January 2019 but it borrowed the name Literary Group INC which was later expunged and replaced with P.W.A on July, 9 2019. P.W.W started off as an internet based writing group solely for tutoring prose writers but with inspiration from friends and family P.W.A took the form of an international academy for the purpose of assisting and developing writers in all genres of literature in reaching their desired heights and creating a platform for unifying writers from diverse countries and promoting global interactions regarding literature and its effect on the society while bringing the literary world into a unified whole.

  • OUR TUTORS ARE UP FOR HIRING- That is, you can hire any one of our expert writers to write a poem or story for you and such would be considered as yours. A story or poem would be written upon payment of the desired sum (depending on the terms of the contract). You can also request that they write poems or letters to your loved one on a special occasion e.g birthdays, valentine, Christmas, and this would be sent directly as a gift to your loved one with special wishes from our group. Payment applies to this. Such payment depends on the tutor chosen.
  • OFFERS FOR THE SEASONAs informed earlier, we host competitions during certain periods of the year i.e. Easter, valentine, Christmas, Sallah, Independence Day, democracy day, New Year etc. These competitions are the ultimate and core competitions(asides other minor competitions) and the winner walks away with a monetary price, a feature on our websites, publication on other websites, a feature on our social media pages and many more to come.
  • INTER-GROUP COMPETITIONS – The scholar who has won most of the competitions in our group will be eligible to represent our group in the intergroup competitions. The winner shall take the prize. This is only exclusive to the consistent winner of the SEASONAL OFFERS.



Prolific writers’ world dinner party comes up on the 1st of December every year. This is to ensure that we do not forget the spark of romance in poetry and prose.

Each scholar would be paired and both will have to perform the task given to them to win a trip, an airtime, free web publishing, a copy of his/her best novels and many more to come. This is one of the most exciting events of P.W.A and registration begins on the 1st of November and ends on the 29th. The charge for registration is 1000 naira for Nigerians. Scholars from other countries who intend to register will be guided accordingly.


Below are the rules for this group and they must be strictly complied with, failure of which may attract subsequent eviction from the group upon the 3rd warning given;

ü Scholars are to PARTICIPATE ACTIVELY in the group’s activities. That is, ALL scholars must participate actively during interactive sessions with external pro writers and during lesson hours as well as other activities done in the academy. We have made tutorials only or 40 mins therefore scholars should participate to get the most out of this.

This is the most important rule to be observed!

ü Scholars must refrain from disrupting tutorial classes and other activities with adverts of products or other related purposes. That is, tutorials should be taken seriously!

ü Scholars are permitted to ask questions during lecture hours which is from 5pm-8pm. That notwithstanding, Scholars are permitted to ask questions after lecture hours.

ü Scholars are permitted to advertise their stories and poems at the close of major activities in the group.

ü Scholars are not restricted from requesting comments on any story/poem advertised.

ü Scholars are not permitted to ask questions during interactive sessions with guest speakers until such guest is done talking. Question and answer sessions shall only follow after the guest speaker is done with his/her lesson.

ü NO SCHOLAR is permitted to privately message the guest otherwise condoned by the guest.

ü NO SCHOLAR shall engage in any topic concerning discrimination as to religion, color, sex, race and related matters.

ü No Scholar shall be permitted to share pornographic pictures or videos. BE WARNED!

ü Non-literary adverts shall be frowned at!

ü There shall be no use of abusive language or any profane talk or curse!

ü On no account shall any scholar speak rudely to tutors. We believe we are all mature minds and such childish attitude should be done away with.

ü Lastly, all scholars must learn how to interact with each other and should maintain friendly relations with each other.


Scholars should interact with each other during lecture free hours and learn from each other. This online academy was formed to promote unity among literary scholars from different parts of the world and should not be a medium for discrimination. Interact and get to know more people!


§ All scholars are to note that the rules stated in the handbook should be observed. Any deviation will be frowned at and a warning shall be given to such scholar. If such scholar defaults in refraining from such act, he shall be evicted sequel to the third warning given.

§ Lectures begin by 7pm for Ghanaian’s and 8pm for Nigerians on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Those from other countries (with different time zones) can catch up when available and ask questions subsequently (at any time) and they would be answered accordingly. Lectures end by 9:00pm

§ Interactive sessions with external pro writers will begin at a time convenient for the guest speaker.

§ Do not fail to ask questions.

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  1. This is a very ambitious o=project, but if anyone can succeed, I know it is you. Looking forward to learn more about the direction of your blog. Wioshing you all the best. Very generous of you to reach out fo help other aspiring writers.

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