IMG-20200617-WA0009My bitterness i weep into a pool of tears
In the creepy night my heart shivers with fear
My mind feels like an empty space
A perfect definition for lonely days
Maybe joy could just resurface
My heart is aching with pain,searching for peace
But these lonely days,these lonely days i say
So disheartning,thrown from the edge of a cliff,am paining,aching,hurting
Just take these lonely days away from me
those memories of dreaded nights and scary daylights
Let me feel it is but a dream and better not reality ’cause am in pieces
let me feel the rays of light so it fades away
let me make a sense out of this puzzle
help me find the pieces so i can pull them together
maybe the future will be brighter when the puzzled picture is clearer.

IG: TuraWrites
Pen name :Turawrites

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